Welcome to SouthLAYouthTravels! Besides being a fundraising page for my trip, this website will also become home to any of my future projects like short films or photographs.  Hopefully, you will stick around and please feel free to roam this site!

I will offer my perspective on what it is like growing up as a young Chicana in South Central Los Angeles and the challenges that our community faces on a daily basis. This site is meant to document the world around me and my growth as a leader.

I believe that as a young Chicana,  I am capable of overcoming the adversities that might be thrown at me because of my race, gender, or socioeconomic status.In the long run, I hope my journey helps impact others whether it’s through my words or projects.

In the long run, I hope my words and projects impact others in a positive way.

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For years my family and I resided on the streets of Figueroa and 83rd. It’s in this corner where I would see various sex workers. I remember how one day as I was walking to the store, a sex worker told me, “Stay in school babygirl.” I think that quote itself can say a lot about the different oppressive systems that affect the community.



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Hi, my name is Ana Ortega. I am a 16-year-old Latina from South Los Angeles. As a young girl that lives in the inner city,  I realized that often times my peers and I live in communities that are denied resources and have underfunded schools. This makes it difficult for many of us to expand our horizons.

At a young age, I have become an advocate for my community. My community is one of the many urban communities that suffer from the vicious school to prison pipeline. My ultimate goal is to break out of the stereotypes and boundaries, go into higher education, and come back to my community with a degree, and do my small part in making the world a better place.

However, in order to make this possible, I must expand my horizons. I have to go outside my community and seek to learn from new surroundings. I know that my community is a small part of the world that needs improvement. One of my many dreams is to travel the world, not just for leisure, but to see how I as a global citizen can improve the circumstances for those that have been silenced.

I know that going to Italy will help me grow as a person. Being a girl from South Central Los Angeles made me realize that even the most glamorized and toured cities of the world are inequitable.

I want to say that I chose the image above as my header in order to show something authentic. I could have chosen an aesthetic image, but I wanted an image to show the reality.



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